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Womenswear gloves

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GCT 2017.122

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A pair of Wwenswear gloves, in French navy blue leather; wrist length (button length 1 1/2), inseams, single point, Boulton thumb, quirks and fourchettes.

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Glove size: 6 1/2




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Designer / Manufacturer / Retailer

Glovemaker: Alwyn Gloves





Historical Associations:

Penney, Malcolm

Association Type:

Banquet of the Worshipful Company of Glovers of London

Historical Association notes:

Malcolm Penney was the retiring Master Glover of the Worshipful Company of Glovers of London in 1999 and gifted a pair of these gloves to female guests at the Banquet at the end of his year of office.Marian Penney, Malcolm's wife, wrote of Malcolm's choice (2018): "Malcolm and the Lord Mayor of the day, Peter Levine, knew one another from their school days (City of London School) and of course Malcolm presented the LM with gloves for the cart-making ceremony. Because they were supposed to be heat-proof I think jokes were made about BBQs and I think this gave Malcolm the idea of presenting the same to gentlemen at the banquet. Also I believe I said that whilst it was lovely for the lady guests to receive the gift of a pair of gloves, there would be quite a number of gentlemen guests, so why should they not receive a similar gift also. I had a hand in the choice of the ladies gloves too, suggesting navy as I had been given lots of black or white day gloves but no navy so felt this would be a bit different. Malcolm and I went to visit Les Winfield in his Worcester workshop and he happened to have a bolt of suitable navy leather and we 'designed' the style between us. Malcolm also wanted to promote British workmanship of course and so these were all made to order".