The Glove Collection Trust Website Launch

October 29, 2020

The Trustees of the Glove Collection Trust are delighted to launch this new Glove Collection website which shows off the finest glove collection of its kind in the world to its best.

Having given Liverymen of the Worshipful Company of Glovers a preview a few days before it highlights the commitment of the Trust in conserving and growing the collection and making it accessible to as many people from all walks of life as is possible.

It is the result of a huge amount of work by the Trustees and most particularly Rosemary Harden who is  the Manager at the Fashion Museum in Bath and who coordinated all the cataloguing and information that appears on the website and by Nick Pinkham our Trustee who led the technical side of the project and liaised with the website builders Waters Creative who could hardly have been more helpful and enthusiastic about the project. This spot light on our wonderful collection which is housed at the Fashion Museum Bath has already drawn superlatives from all quarters and is sure to leave all who visit the site overwhelmed with its depth and breadth. Our ambition is to share our collection of some 2,500 items with all who share our interest in gloves of all ages. There are 11,000 high quality digital images which offer an insight into the collection and as the Fashion Museum in Bath is not due to re-open its doors to visitors until the spring of 2021 the launch of this website is to say the least timely.

The Trustees are aware that some items in the collection are in need of restoration. Our next project is to assess our conservation priorities after which we plan to publicise opportunities for our well-wishers to sponsor work on a particular item in the collection.

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